Rich Luker, Ph.D.

Rich Luker, a social psychologist, has been studying American life for more than 25 years. Rich is best known for his creation of the ESPN Sports Poll in 1994, which was the first ongoing intelligence tool for the American sports industry. His research on American community resulted in his first book “Simple Community”, which was published in 2009. Dr. Luker earned his MA and Ph.D. at the University of Michigan and The Institute for Social Research. He has remained academically active with Northwestern University, the University of Oregon, the University of Michigan, and others.

Chad Menefee, Ph.D.

Dr. Chad Menefee is a senior lead strategic consultant at Luker on Trends, and manages the ESPN Sports Poll. Chad earned his Ph.D. at North Carolina State University in the Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management program. Before that, Chad earned his MBA at NC State’s Jenkins Graduate School of Management.

In 2009, Chad joined Luker on Trends. He manages client relationships and is responsible for the monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for Luker on Trends – ESPN Sports Poll. Chad and his dog Jordy live in Raleigh, NC where Chad runs half-marathons and paints in his free time.

Lydia Dubuisson

Building on her years of teaching in the sport management program at Texas A&M University, Lydia is coordinating the development of a new Luker on Trends education initiative. She is also taking a lead role in the analysis, interpretation, and application of qualitative data. She recently completed the analysis of over 100,000 baseball narratives for Luker on Trends, as an example. Lydia was a trendsetter in her own right before teaching at A&M when she was a linebackers coach at a high school in Los Angeles.

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