The ESPN Sports Poll

Since 1994, the ESPN Sports Poll has formed the foundation for measuring sports fan levels in the United States. With more than 475,000 interviews conducted over 23 years, ESPN Sports Poll provides the longest-running continuous tracking service on sports fans in the U.S.

The ESPN Sports Poll currently tracks interest in 33 different sports, technology engagement, media usage, sports television viewership, attendance behaviors, and sponsorship support. The service plays an integral role in strategic decisions made by top leagues, sponsors, and media organizations in the sports industry.

Data is collected 350 days a year from a nationally representative sample of Americans age 12 and older by Social Science Research Solutions. Interviews are conducted with 1,500 Americans each month via landline and cell phone, and offered in both English and Spanish.

- Landline and cell phone interviews: Most of the population only has access to a cell phone, so landline-only interviews no longer provide an accurate representation of the American population. Americans under the age of 30, Hispanics, and African Americans are all more likely to only have access to a cell phone. Cell phone interviews now account for 60% of all interviews on Sports Poll.

- Spanish language interviews: We also offer Hispanics the option of completing Sports Poll interviews in either English or Spanish. The inclusion of Spanish interviews provides a much stronger representation of the Hispanic segment, which now accounts for 16% of the total U.S. population.

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